Monday, 31 May 2010

Final update...

Right, final update this evening. I have re-written the Well-Rendered survey. For those of you who took the old one, thank you so much. I still have all the responses, so you time wasn't wasted.

However, the new one has got a couple of extra questions, so if you're feeling indulgent, give it a go. I will warn you that it's quite long. Not a survey so much as a window into your gaming soul.

For those of you who have not yet taken it, what are you waiting for?

Further delays...

From which you will no doubt be distracted by Well-Rendered's format change.

Actually, due to a number of things that have been happening this weekend, I think I'll just delay the next proper post until next week. I hope you're not too disappointed and that this article was able to tide you over.

What do you think of the format? If people are violently opposed to it, I might change it back. I haven't quite made my mind up yet.

Well-Rendered has infinite outfits, but it would be nice to stick to the one that becomes her best.

I'm sure you'll agree.

Honestly, all comments relating to the format are welcome.

Friday, 28 May 2010

Very Exciting News

You will have noticed that Well-Rendered (the much-anticipated Money Honey: Part II) is a little delayed.

But please don't feel neglected. I have been tweaking some of my older posts by adding pictures and tidying up the formatting, so if you fancy reminding yourselves about why Tetris would make a good movie, you know where to go. You will also notice a couple of natty links at the top. These are links to my favourite articles, mainly for the benefit of new readers.

Most excitingly of all, however, is the fact that I have been asked to be a guest blogger on Stella's Tomb Raider Blog.

Avid readers will remember me gushing about Stella's detailed walkthroughs of the Tomb Raider games, which I have been using for well over a decade. To be asked to write a post for the accompanying blog is an honour.

Also, it gave me another chance to write about Lara Croft in great detail, whih you know I find it diffiult to resist doing on a weekly basis.

If you're at all interested in video games, travel, Tomb Raider, Egypt, Lara Croft or the noble art of video game bloggery, I urge you to read Following in Lara's Footsteps, which was an absolute joy to write.

Proper blog post following in a short while.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

That's Money Honey, Part I: "Us..."

I've mentioned the financial cost of video games quite a lot, but only in passing, so perhaps it's time for a more detailed analysis.

Gaming is a marginally expensive hobby; more so than knitting, less so than sailing. Although there are more and less expenisve ways to game, cost is something a gamer needs to take into account in a way that a literature fanatic does not. Oh, and before the bookworms amongst you get too self-congratulatory, I know through experience that books have an ability to colonise your personal space in a way that video games do not.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Cold Turkey Sandwiches

For various reasons, I haven't actually played any video games for a week. That is seven entire days. For the first six days I was too busy, but on the seventh day I rested (but of course). Mysteriously however, I did not fire up the XBOX. Instead I got a cup of tea and read Black Hole.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Here in my car, I feel safest of all

Aside from being a cracking song, Gary Numan's Cars makes a valuable point that a video game blog writer would do well to heed. Namely that a misanthrophe/agoraphobe/lazy person will find life easier if they just get in the car, lock all the doors and avoid the rest of the world.

After a wet and rainy bank holiday spent wearing wellies and doing housework, I can't help but agree. Consequently, I thought I'd follow Numan's advice and write about cars. Actually, I thought racing in games would be marginally more interesting, even though this sometimes takes place on snowboards. I doubt Gary Numan would approve of this (it means going outside), but I don't think he's reading. Yet.