Monday, 31 May 2010

Further delays...

From which you will no doubt be distracted by Well-Rendered's format change.

Actually, due to a number of things that have been happening this weekend, I think I'll just delay the next proper post until next week. I hope you're not too disappointed and that this article was able to tide you over.

What do you think of the format? If people are violently opposed to it, I might change it back. I haven't quite made my mind up yet.

Well-Rendered has infinite outfits, but it would be nice to stick to the one that becomes her best.

I'm sure you'll agree.

Honestly, all comments relating to the format are welcome.


  1. The new theme is nice, I really like the way you've lightened it up. The one weird thing is those palm trees in the background don't really seem to have anything to do with the content :/

  2. I liked the old, noir Well-Rendered, but this new version is nice too. The trees are relaxing...summery...and you can always swap out the background every so often to keep things fresh.

    I had light-colored text on black, then dark brown, at for years. I finally got tired of it and switched over to the pinky-tan I have now. The response was mostly positive, but someone wrote in to say it looked like cat barf. Someone else said fish paste. I'm thinking maybe the cat ate fish paste and then barfed. And what the hell is fish paste anyway?

    The good news is, nobody will mistake the new and improved Well-Rendered for fish paste. I think it's cooooool. :D

  3. I do agree, kernalpanic99 (hello there) that the image has nothing to do with the content. I think I might add another one-liner to the title bar for confused people who turn up either:

    a) expecting something to do with video games
    b) having no idea what they have stumbled across and needing a pointer.

    I hope the 5 "Questions: (which link to my favourite blog posts) go some way to solving this. However, I do agree that palm trees don't scream video games.

    I really only had the photos on my camera at my disposal because I wanted to own the image and I wanted it to be unique (though things do of course get borrowed).

    Part of my message with Well-Rendered (if you can call it that) is that there is a crossover between video games and other areas of life, which is something that mainstream media and criticism don't really account for in the way that they do with books, music and films.

    Consequently, I am keen to use imagery that doesn't rely too heavily on depictions of gaming.

    The idea with the old logo (the letters of course remain) was to be artistic and organic whilst still appearing "pixillated".

    I'd been meaning to change it because the picture behind it wasn't actually mine. Although I'm happy enough using images I don't own to illustrate blog posts, it's not ideal to use on quite so prominantly in the logo.

    Without any photo editing tools at my disposal (yet), I am still fairly limited as to how the lettering is/was displayed. Yesterday, I just picked the letters off the pretty picture of the sky and pritt-stuck (definitely a verb) them down onto a piece of cartridge paper.

    I'm actually quite handy with a pencil (though I haven't really drawn anything since I started uni), so it would be really nice to actually draw the Well-Rendered imagery and strike a better balance between gaming imagery and more abstract imagery. Hopefully I will find the time to do that this summer.

    And yes, Stellalune, the nice thing about this format is how easy it is to swap the pictures. I had a hard time choosing at first. I've only just starting to edit the posts/template using the html editor as opposed to WYSIWYG (brave new world), which gives me more freedom. I know, I know, it's 2010, but I spent the last three years sitting in the corner of Senate House Library (did you know that Hitler earmarked it as his London headquarters when he was planning to invide?) reading dusty books about narrative theory.

    Was the person who made the fish paste comment British by any chance? We have all kinds of wierd stuff in jars over here, like Sandwich spread (which, co-incidentally enough, looks like cat barf).

    I have to say, I can't actually remember the brown. I think being stuck on Tomb Raider gave ne tunnel vision, so I would just find the relevant walkthrough without noticing much else on the way.

    Thanks for the comments!



  4. I like the current site, it's gorgeous and airy; it's pleasant to experience without analyzing it. I think it doesn't have to be game related since your goal is a different and deeper examination about the "...crossover between video games and other areas of life...." Before I first read your writing on Stellalune's blog I had not really given video gaming any deep thought regarding the presentation or structure in the fashion that you intend to present at Well-Rendered. I'm still reading some of your older posts but I had to stop down on this question and give an answer about your site. I wanted to tell you that your writing is intriguing and well thought out while enjoyable and at times humorous. Kudos!

  5. Thank you very much!

    Over-analysis is a bad habit of mine, sometimes it is best to just enjoy things for what they are. It's summer, you know?

    And I'm so glad you're enjoying the blog, BattleRich. Although I write mainly because I like the sound of my own voice (talking about video games) it's really good to know that people do actually enjoy reading it, and that it sparks discussion.