Friday, 28 May 2010

Very Exciting News

You will have noticed that Well-Rendered (the much-anticipated Money Honey: Part II) is a little delayed.

But please don't feel neglected. I have been tweaking some of my older posts by adding pictures and tidying up the formatting, so if you fancy reminding yourselves about why Tetris would make a good movie, you know where to go. You will also notice a couple of natty links at the top. These are links to my favourite articles, mainly for the benefit of new readers.

Most excitingly of all, however, is the fact that I have been asked to be a guest blogger on Stella's Tomb Raider Blog.

Avid readers will remember me gushing about Stella's detailed walkthroughs of the Tomb Raider games, which I have been using for well over a decade. To be asked to write a post for the accompanying blog is an honour.

Also, it gave me another chance to write about Lara Croft in great detail, whih you know I find it diffiult to resist doing on a weekly basis.

If you're at all interested in video games, travel, Tomb Raider, Egypt, Lara Croft or the noble art of video game bloggery, I urge you to read Following in Lara's Footsteps, which was an absolute joy to write.

Proper blog post following in a short while.

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