Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Lara Croft Way

Derbyshire is a wonderful place.

Lara Croft Way has just been opened for traffic, having been named back in February following an online vote.

According to the BBC website, "The name was chosen from a shortlist by public vote, with 89% of those polled opting for the character devised by Derby-based game studio Core Design.".

Not everyone is happy however. Ire stems from the fact that online voting was open to anyone, regardless of whether or not you live in Derby. It should be noted however, that another road's name was determined by a vote that was restricted to Derbyshire. This road has now been named Mercian Way after the local army regiment.

On the relevant This is Derbyshire page, Stephen from Derby isn't happy. He says:

"By opening up unrestricted voting on the internet the people of Derby were presented with a fait accompli but this is typical of the type of creative voting that Lib-Dems want to implement in order to circumvent the true democratic process and further their own minority interests."

Quite what this has to do with the Liberal Democrats is beyond me, but there you go. It's also beyond Dawn from Derby, who says:

"Well I'm pleased with the choices, whoever made them. Why is it ok to call a road after the name of a plane engine, as was suggested but not a computer game heroine, when both were invented in Derby? I love the history of Derby and am proud of it but Lara Croft and the industry around it started here and is part of our history too. Surely mixing the old with the new is the way forward. I don't think the council could ignore the majority vote and after all, they were naming two pieces of road so the local voters also had their say. Personally Lara Croft got the vote from the 4 members of my household."

Stephen's terrifying reply ran as follows:

"Dawn it seems to me that in accepting the results many people (including you) are also accepting that the end justifies the means. In a democratic and free society such processes are totally unaceptable as a method of good governance. A gradual erosion of democracy leads eventually to the tacit acceptance of human rights abuses. Who will stop this?......apparently not you, you will just accept things as being beyond your influence and therefore not your concern."

Yikes! I spend enough time picking apart flawed arguments and Stephen's making it too easy for me so I'll leave it with you.

What do you think? Do you agree with Stephen? Does allowing people outside Derbshire to name a road "Lara Croft Way" constitute "a gradual erosion of democracy" which will "lead eventually to the tacit acceptance of human rights abuses"?

Should I be staking out a claim on a lead bunker?

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