Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Well-Rendered in EDGE Magazine!

Actually, it would be slightly less fraudulent to say that a letter I wrote to EDGE was printed this month (Issue #218, September 2010, in newsagents NOW).

Here it is.

As you may know, I hold EDGE in very high regard, so it is extremely flattering to be featured on its glossy pages.

By pure co-incidence, the issue also features a very interesting, informative and analytical article on gay video game characters (on page 82, if you were wondering) so I can probably put their printing my letter down to random timing more than anything else, but was still a nice surprise.

Proper post forthcoming.


  1. Well written letter, Well Rendered :) I love Edge Magazine too. They do such great in depth articles.

  2. I agree! There are so many reasons why Edge is such a great magazine.

    I really like its depth of industry focus alongside more lighthearted pieces.

    And the way that they explain review scores in order to stop people worrying about how seriously ro take review "scores":

    "1 = one
    2 = two
    3 = three..."

    I'm also quite fond of Retro Gamer, from which I always learn something new. But usually I only buy EDGE because I can't quite justify more than one magazine a month. Plus I like to keep them and my bookshelves are running out of space.

  3. I've got no problem with the concept of a main character being gay/lesbian myself, but given that the main gamer population is probably primarily in the 12-30yo male demographic which is also presumably the most likely demographic to have a problem with a gay main character then perhaps game developers are trying to avoid coming out with a game which a large number of their target market are unlikely to want to buy?

    Most games are presumably made to appeal to the largest possible number of buyers and although making a game with a gay/lesbian main character may make it more appealing to a gay/lesbian audience it also makes it less appealing to a large proportion of the traditional gaming population. Listen to the banter in the matchmaking lobby of most FPS games and you'll definitely find that gay is used quite readily as an insult.

    I realise that this particular genre is of course designed to appeal mostly to young males and is therefore not an ideal respresentation of the entire gaming population but I do think that game manufacturers are probably keener to avoid potential alienation from this demographic than to add the gay/lesbian population to their target audience.

  4. Sean, you make an extremely valid point.

    I don't know if you've read the EDGE article but they do raise the issue of the use of "gay" as an insult on teamspeak channels.

    I can't honestly write my full response to this at the moment because I am trying to write an article for someone else and I'm worried about invalidating it by saying the same thing here but I would like to say that yes, Sean, you are quite right and I agree that marketing and demographics are indeed at the centre of this issue far more than ideology.

  5. Thanks, unfortunately I haven't had a chance to read the Edge article yet but hopefully will do so on the weekend.

    Hopefully you'll be able to link us to the article in due course!

  6. I can't find it on their website, which makes me think that it won't be available online until the paper copy is out of the shops.

    If you're in the uk, it might be worth a few of your hard-earned pounds, but if not, I'm sure it'll be on their website soon.

  7. Oh, you meant the article I am writing?

    Hopefully, yes (providing it goes up...).