Monday, 1 November 2010

Nablopomo and other aliens: Day 1

Morning everyone!

I was reading Salaryn's Sword yesterday. Salaryn writes a gaming blog which touches on all kinds of subjects. I like it because she writes quite a bit about online games, which is something I know little about.

Anyhoo, she mentioned yesterday that Novemer is National Blog Posting Month. At the time of writing (about 1pm on November the first), the charmingly-titled NaBloPoMo site has crashed. I would have thought that this is because today is the first day of Na(tional)Blo(g)Po(sting)Mo(nth) and the site is seeing a lot of traffic.

But that doesn't matter because I read Salaryn's post so I don't need Nablopomo to coerce me into posting one blog post per day for the next 31 days.

It'll be a good discipline, and maybe I'll relay some nuggets which might otherwise have been lost in the composition of longer posts.

Speaking of discipline...

Chip's Challenge proved to be a welcome respite for Assassin's Creed yesterday. Cryptic, imaginative and completely devoid of monologues, it feels altogether younger than its 21 years.

You control "Nerdy Chip McCallahan", a young man preoccupied with getting into Melinda's, erm, Clubhouse.

Melinda, or Melinda the Mental Marvel, to give her her full name, is head of the Bit Buster Club, and Chip is apparently as enamoured with the club as he is with Melinda herself. Chip needs to make it through the 148 increasingly difficult levels of the Clubhouse in order to make it into Melinda's... club.

The challenges range from laughably easy to fiendishly difficult. They are made more fustrating by the fact that even when higher levels feature challenges of multiple sections, a single failure will require you to re-start the level. A failure could mean anything from wedging a block into a corner (Chip can't pull, only push) to colliding with a "monster". Needless to say, Chip doesn't have a health bar. One strike and you're out.

And yet the fact that every failure teaches you something more about hte environment means that every time you have to restart a level, you're even more determined than you were before.

That's all I'll say today. After all, I'm on my lunch break and we're going for one blog post per day. Best not to blow all my material at once. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

If you're interested in playing Chip's Challenge, it's free to download here. I don't know if that's legal or enforced actually, best to check first (though I didn't, bad form).

And if you're interested in reading Salaryn's stuff, her blog is here.

Happy blogging month everyone!


  1. I love chips challenge. We used to play it at lunch times in School as part of the "Computer club". Classic stuff.

    Good luck with blog month, I know I'd never manage one a day, so decided not to take part. :P

  2. I (wierdly, considering how much I have always loved video games) didn't really get into computers themselves until comparatively recently.

    At school we had IT lessons, but my friend and I used to spend them finding silly pictures on google and then e-mailing them to each other to try and make the other laugh.

    She always won, I can never keep a straight face.

    Sadly, no Chip's Challenge. I discovered that on a friend's (then unbelievably fast) PC back in 1994.

    Happy days!