Thursday, 18 November 2010

Nablopomo and other aliens: Day 18

So it's been established that I can't really write a blog post a day. But the fact that I only have a day to process each gaming thought means that a lot of them are left undeveloped. Consequently, I'm building up a nice bank of things to talk about, once I have the time to research, write and edit them to a standard I'm happy with.

For example, here is an interesting article about the therapeutic effects of Tetris on trauma patients. Right now, I barely have time to read it, let alone write an interesting response. But it's something I'd really like to write about because I know a bit about narrative and trauma (not to be a total bore, but I wrote a dissertation on this book), so I'd like to look more into gaming and trauma. Why not? I may as well use my existing membership to the British Library.

Oh, and Naomi Alderman's article drew my attention to this video from 2008:


Truly old-school Well-Rendered followers will remember that I sweetly thought I was the first person to have this jolly clever idea back in 2009, without even having typed "Tetris movie" into Google.

I was pretty wide-eyed and idealistic back then, and I knew a lot less about video game journalism than I do now. Various article rejections, comments, criticisms and correspondence with people far more experienced than me have taught me a huge amount. I still make awful gaffes, but they're getting less frequent, and tend to come from impulsive clicking of the "Publish" button rather than lack of research.

Five days to go until the marginally diverting occurrence.


  1. Speaking of journalism (going for a very tenuous link here!), have you heard about the current controversy in the US about Kobe Bryant appearing in the Call of Duty Black Ops “There's a Solider in All of Us”commercial ? It basically features a bunch of ordinary people (and Kobe) running around on a battlefield shooting various weapons.

    There was a discussion of it on one of ESPN's shows where it was compared by one of the commentators (the only one who had a problem with obe appearing in the commercial) to another famous basketball player Allen Iverson who released a rap album about gangs, violence and drugs etc and who thought that it promoted violence.

    I do have some thoughts on the discussion, but I figured that you might be able to make a blog post out of it given that it is fairly timely with the release of the game and the discussion.

  2. Thanks a lot for that Sean.

    Sorry about the delay in follow up (time blah blah proper research blah blah the pub blah blah etc), I really appreciate being sent material to chew on.

    I'm giving this one some time. Discussion won't be prompt, but it is forthcoming and will hopefully be well-written.