Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A Gamer's Year Part 6: October and November


Enslaved was released in October. It fills a gap in the XBOX market which became apparent when the Uncharted series arrived on the Playstation: a game which aimed to tell a story through the medium of spectacle and a great script. And I think it did the job nicely, even though I still think it might have benefitted from an extra playable level set in the final area.

Following my journey West with Monkey and Trip, I covered the wonderful Nintendisco gaming night for 412limited. It was really good fun, but I'm not sure I have the stamina for events covereage.

Ha ha. "Events coverage". It was a SNES in a pub.

Nicky and Dave, if you're reading this, I'm laughing at my own pretentions, not your delightful evening. Sometimes all you need is a SNES. In a pub.


In November I attempted to complete National Blog Posting Month, or Nablopomo. I missed a few days, and the quality of my output was patchy at best. However, I did manage to a) get published in The Escapist, b) celebrate Well-Rendered's first birthday and c) acquire the domain "".

Games-wise, I played through Red Dead Redemption and Fear. Red Dead Redemption has possibly the best ending to any game I have ever played, and Fear has one of the worst. It doesn't even really end, it just stops.

But I didn't mind because I wasn't playing for the story. In fact, I was more upset by Enslaved's ending, which was slightly less than perfect. This is because in a game which relies so heavily on story is undermined by having an ending that does anything other than completely satisfy you. It set its own bar monumentally high, so it was disappointing when it didn't quite manage to clear it.

Fear, on the other hand, is really all about shooting rent-a-baddies in slow motion, so the fact that the ending a) made no sense and b) consisted solely of a thirty-second cut scene didn't really trouble me too much. The game itself was good fun, and I liked throwing grenades in slow-motion. I didn't ultimately care that all the dark hints about a terrible secret culminated in a wet blanket (ok, ok, a bloody blanket) because that wasn't what made the game fun.

Red Dead Redemption was an extremely intense and affecting experience and I'm still not quite ready to write about it.

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