Thursday, 3 March 2011

Flying Manta Rays, Hovercraft And The Geographical Genius Of Beyond Good & Evil

It is Godisageek feature time again. This week I have written a piece about why Beyond Good and Evil is such a great game.

It is here.

In other super-exciting news, I have finally finished Persona 4. I think two months is the longest time I have ever spent on a game without taking a break. It was brilliant and I'm in the process of writing something about it.

And yes, the fabled project is in the works too. Someone asked me the other day "What is it? It sounds cool." The answer to that (and all other similar enquiries) is: "Oh no, it's actually not that interesting. But I still don't want to tell you what it is."

So there.

Beyond Good and Evil, everybody!

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