Monday, 28 March 2011

Top Spin 4 review, social networking and saying stupid things on camera.

Right, first things first. Here is my review of Top Spin 4 for GodisaGeek.

If you like it, please consider rating it on N4G.

Asking for this kind of support makes me feel awkward, but it goes with the territory. The internet has opened so many doors for so many people and it continues to provide a dizzying array of platforms for people to communicate and share ideas. Consequently, social networking is emerging as one of the most devastatingly effective forms of advertising on the planet. So if you read something you like online, it really helps if you "like" it or tweet it or share it. I often forget to do this when I read something excellent, but it is so important if people who create good online content are to get the recognition they deserve.

On a more trivial but no less self-serving note, here is a video of me talking about the Nintendo 3DS at a hands-on promotional event back in February (coverage here).

It's quite heavily edited and I was hungover, so I can't remember whether there was originally more context to my confusing assertion that "Nintendo appeals to people who don't necessarily play games". I'm pretty sure I said some other stuff that was a lot more sycophantic and gushing, so I'm not sure why the editors went with that particular quote. "Are you apathetic about games? Do you have absolutely no interest in electronic entertainment? Buy a Nintendo 3DS! Or not, whatever."

Maybe they were hungover too.


  1. Maybe their theory was that not only will people who do buy games buy it, but those who don't normally will be so inspired by your testimonial that they too will rush out and get it? I've never understood Nintendo's marketing personally so hey who knows?

  2. Their marketing does seem to work, but much of it is not targeted at gamers. For example (it's usually bad form to self-promote, but this is my blog, so whatevs), most of the adverts for the Wii and DS (any version) feature celebrities who are house-hold names with cross-generational appeal. The ads make an effort to show how approachable the technology is. So I guess you're right.

    By the same token, the DS (not necessarily in 3D) appeals to me because its game's aren't generally gamers' games. I really like the puzzle and mystery games because they're cerebral and I would want to play them on a train journey or similar. But I don't have one because that's when I read a book.

    I think Nintendo have such a vast and loyal base of core gamer fans who love Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Metroid etc that they don't need to advertise quite as much for those games, people know when they are coming out.

    Either way, they're a phenomally successful business who have made all the right technological/hardware decisions for the current generation.

  3. AAAARGH I put an apostraphe in "game's". I NEVER DO THAT.

  4. Fail fail fail. I need to employ a subeditor, clearly.

    One who will work for beer.

  5. Hmm, I think Nick Clegg has just put the kibosh on your unpaid intern...

    OT Nintendo seem to focus mainly on the family friendly games, not much in the way of gratuitous violence that Xbox and PS3 are better known for. I think it will be interesting to see how the Move and Kinect work out, I think the technology is probably better for those two but I'm not sure if the game lineup is there for Sony and Microsoft compared to Nintendo's offerings. Then again I'm not into that segment of the market so maybe I'm just missing it.