Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Let's Play!

Since broadband made it really easy to upload massive videos to YouTube, there's been a proliferation of people uploading really long videos of stuff you might not have thought to film.

I love that stuff. Here's a guy unboxing his special edition copy of Catherine, which comes with free pants.

There's all kinds of internet pontificating about why this is so popular. The Independent seem to think it's "geek porn", watching the sexy gadget/game get undressed as you covet it from your swivel chair like a eunuch with an office job. Whatever. I just find it oddly compelling, even when I don't particularly care about the game. I love how there's this guy just narrating himself opening a box one-handed on top of his Lion King bedspread.

The other YouTube phenomenon I'm pretty fond of is the "Let's Play" video. A "Let's Play" video is just someone playing a video game, and narrating that. Like we need narration. Like it wouldn't be more fun to just, like, play the game. The narration of some (ok, most) "Let's Play" videos make them completely unwatchable, but here's an unusually articulate "Let's Play" video of Tomb Raider.*

"Let's Play" videos are compulsive viewing because people go into this zen-like state when they game, and then they just start talking to themselves.

There's something charming about how unrehersed and unedited "Let's Play" videos are. They're like the deconstructed, half-assed love-child of Perusing Pixels (current favourite blog) and Unskippable.

In case you haven't realised, I'm not creating content here. I'm embedding videos that other people have made of themselves talking about stuff that other people have made.

If you're new to the internet, this is basically what we do here.

On a completely unrelated note, here's my review of Final Fantasy XIII-2. I wrote a review of Final Fantasy XIII on this blog back in 2010, and although I was pretty nice about it at the time, that was mainly because I really wanted to like it because I bought the game and the limited edition strategy guide without reading any reviews.

I should have just made an unboxing video.

In truth, it was pretty disappointing, though I still hold that Fang and Vanille are great characters, and we need more Australian accents in gaming.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 however, is pretty good.

*I mean unusual for a "Let's Play" narrator, not a Tomb Raider fan. Tomb Raider fans are all extremely intelligent.

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