Friday, 30 March 2012

Top 10 Tomb Raider Moments

As Samuel Johnson once said, "when a girl is tired of Tomb Raider, she is tired of life".

Never a truer word was spoken, especially not by Johnson, which I why I have written an article about the Top 10 Tomb Raider Moments for GodisaGeek. I love how they let me write about this stuff.

The picture, as ever, is Katie's. Katie went to the Game Developers' Conference (GDC, acronym fans) in San Francisco earlier this month and got to go round the Crystal Dynamics offices. Although I am envious of her journey, I am possibly more envious of Crystal Community Manager (and cosplay maestro) Meagan Marie's desk. I have desk envy.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Murphy Pendleton Looks Like Trent Reznor

This must be deliberate, right?

I'm pretty sure it is because Mr Pendleton is the star of Silent Hill: Downpour, and Maria from Silent Hill 2 has the exact face of Cameron Diaz and the exact outfit of Christina Auguilera.

Though now that I think about it, I'm kind of disappointed that Pendleton only has Reznor's head. I feel like maybe he should have someone else's body. Maybe Dr Roxxo the cocaine-snorting clown from Metalocalypse, since we're clearly on a metal theme here.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Well-Rendered Mother's Day Special! Or, More Accurately, My Favourite Games of 2011

I never did a rundown of 2011 on Well-Rendered. This is mainly because I spent 2011 playing JRPGs on the PlayStation 2, which, as anyone who's ever played a JRPG on the PlayStation 2 will attest, leaves little time for anything else. I did play some new games however, and I feel enough time has elapsed for me to tell you which my favourites were.

Dark Souls' Cheshire Cat. Smiley.

The best game was Dark Souls. Its brilliance comes in being so clear with what it wishes to achieve, so precise in its execution, and thus so compelling, a feat when you consider how brutally difficult it is. It's also got the best monster design I have ever seen, which, for the benefit of any goldfish reading this, is saying something because I play a lot of JRPGs.

Thursday, 8 March 2012


This story was written in 2009, as part of my creative writing course at uni. It's not autobiographical.

For the first few songs, Pippa watched herself watching Claudia, and it wasn’t until Claudia decided to play a B-side that Pippa didn’t know that she relaxed her shoulders and began to listen. After the sixth song, Eric got up to go to the loo, and Pippa tapped her fingers nervously until he got back, hoping that Claudia would not play her favourite song while he was away. Whenever Claudia sang the most important words, Pippa would grip Eric’s hand and stare intently at the stage, casting furtive glances at him. Eric clapped and smiled at the end of every song.

Every now and again, Pippa pressed her hand against the small leather bag on her lap, feeling the shape of the mushroom. She had wrapped it in tissue paper to protect it, but it didn’t stop her compulsively checking to make sure the cap had not become dislodged from the stalk. She knew that some fans held Claudia’s hands after the show, fixing their brimming eyes on hers. Some showed her tattoos of song lyrics, or had their photo taken with her. Pippa could not decide on her favourite lyric, and she thought Claudia must tire of having her photo taken. Claudia was an artist; she understood the process, appreciated craftsmanship. Years from now, she’d sit cat-like in the battered leather chair in her studio, cup of green tea in her hand, giving an interview. ‘Oh that?’ she’d say, glancing at the mushroom on the shelf behind her. ‘A fan made that for me. Good, isn’t it?’

Monday, 5 March 2012

Behind the Scenes

Here's a GodisaGeek roundup. Initially I was planning to write a separate little post for each one because in each case I think there's something interesting to say about how each one was written. It's hard for me to tell if what I had planned would actually be interesting because I never wrote it, and now I think it probably wasn't. Is time a great editor, or does it just make you apathetic? How many great novels would never have been written if the authors just thought "oh, it probably wouldn't have been that interesting, and my husband's always telling me to be less introspective. Maybe I'll go and do some volunteering instead..."

Probably a lot. But then maybe our municipal gardens would be in better shape.

Obviously my discussion of my list of top 10 video game couples is comparable to a literary masterpiece. Yes, this is first on the GodisaGeek rundown.

No, Snow and Serah aren't on there. They're rubbish. Fang and Vanille are, though. Interestingly, the list nearly turned into top 10 video game love triangles, but I couldn't come up with 10. Here's my list (in no particular order):