Sunday, 8 April 2012

Art I found on an ancient USB drive.

My A-level Politics class. When I was 18, the UK had this system (though for all I know, it still does), whereby you took 4 subjects at age 17, doing a year of each, and then dropping one after a year so you could concentrate on your three best subjects in order to get into university. I took English, Biology, Art and Politics. English because I was good at it, Biology because I was told it was good to have a science (that's rubbish, teenagers of today. It's good to have THREE sciences, because then you can actually get a job after you graduate), Art because I wanted to go to art college, and Politics because the teacher was notorious for letting his students eat biscuits in class.

Becca, me, Faye, Da-Hae

I planned to drop Politics, but after three miserable months of inhaling white spirit and failing to be inspired by my own enormous oil paintings of paperclips (yes, really), I tearfully admitted that Art was going to have to go. Cue two years of eating biscuits, doodling in class and getting dreadful exam results.

This drawing is probably my greatest achievement in those two years. Becca is eating Malteasers and daydreaming, I am, erm, doodling in class, Faye is cutting out factsheets and glueing them into her workbook, and Da-Hae has lined up all her stationary. Faye and Da-Hae are always either too hot or too cold.

This next drawing is clearly unfinished, though I think I later completed it. If I ever find the finished one, I'll stick it in. I used to draw a lot of pictures of sexy women, mainly because they're nice to draw. Nice lines, nice colours, nice textures, and everything is built around these incredible bones.

This woman is a bit wonky actually.

Another slightly wonky woman. This one has just been adventuring, and now she's off to bed. I used to have those exact 14-hold Doc Martins.

Below is the Mushroom Palace. I think I posted an earlier version of this drawing a while back. I later stuck it into a scrap book and surrounded it with stickers and profound quotes from Withnail & I, Independence Day and Bonnie Tyler.

This is a page from one of my scrapbooks. The girl at the top left is Becca (from Politics class), and that actually looks very like her. That's a button hairclip she's wearing. The girl at the bottom left is Jade from Beyond Good & Evil, and it looks like I traced the picture rather than drew it properly. You can tell because it looks like the facial features are just floating on top of her face.

She's surrounded by four fairies who represent Earth, Air, Fire and Water. I used to watch Fairuza Balk classic The Craft a lot, and the four teenage witches in it used to call the corners, "Earth, Air, Fire, Water". I used to want to be Earth or Fire. The girl in the purple dress is some kind of elf. The words are the lyrics to Tori Amos' "Jackie's Strength", which is an odd choice.

This is Australian singer Delta Goodrem, copied (not traced this time) from the back of her first album, Innocent Eyes. I used to watch Neighbours every day, and I remember this ridiculous storyline where Delta's character, Nina Tucker, revealed a hidden musical talent by playing "Born to Try" in Lou's bar after closing time. The song was then released as Delta's first single. I can only assume the Neighbours guys got a cut of the profits or something. Whatever, Delta's a pretty good singer and I used to do shots when she sang "'cause I was born to TRY-IE!" in the last chorus after the bridge.

I don't do shots any more. Either it's nice enough to sip, or it's not worth drinking.

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