Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Quest Journal

  • Mary

  • Old enough to buy beer

  •  Pitiful

  • Human (just)

  • Still trying to figure that out

  • Glasses (Intelligence +5; Moshing -20)
  • Boots (Endurance +20; IN SEVERE DISREPAIR)

  • iPod (Whimsy +10; IN SEVERE DISREPAIR)

  • Tomb Raider II retrospective
  • Catherine review
  • Various GodisaGeek bits
  • Clean kitchen
  • Finish novel

I could have progressed with any number of these this evening, but I didn't, I did this:

No, they didn't have shorts. Or a backpack. Or glasses. Or boots without heels. Or fingerless gloves. Really the only bit that actually looks like Lara Croft is the hair. It's almost as if Disney Princesses aren't meant to do anything other than get rescued.

I made her hold the crown so it looks like she stole it from a tomb, but she still looks pretty lame.

If you want to make your own Disney Princess for some reason, the tool is here.


  1. It'd be great to see a post on the new Tomb Raider footage from E3 :) I thought it looked interesting, very Uncharted, but I'm not really a fan of that genre so I'm curious to know how the fans have received it.

  2. Sure think Henry, your wish is my command.

    I completely agree about Uncharted, which obviously I love. That doesn't mean I love the idea of Tomb Raider being like Uncharted though, I think it should be its own animal.

    Wait, what was that Ron Rosenberg? A "cornered animal", you say!

    To the Well-Rendered High Horse!

    Huh, it's dead. Guess it died of malnutrition and neglect. Maybe I'll give it a good flog anyway.

    Feminism, Objectification, Tomb Raider: E3, The Verdict

  3. Sure thing, Henry.

    I actually do have a cold, that's why I'm typing like that.