Thursday, 27 September 2012

Frank Pritchard and the Dangers of Whimsy

Best. Band name. Ever.

While you think about that, and try and deal emotionally with Well-Rendered's new look, here's some Frank Pritchard concept art.

Now, I like Frank Pritchard because I like the nerds. This week, I decided I liked them so much, I'd write a whole article about Frank Pritchard for Character Select, but I wasn't prepared for where that would take me.

Namely here (NSFW)!

I want to write a lot more about fan-fiction because I enjoyed "researching" this week's Character Select rather more that it's probably safe to admit, but it's too late for that tonight.

As you can see, Well-Rendered's had a rather garish makeover, not entirely on purpose. I thought editing the HTML in my template would be a really good idea when I was tired, and I managed to delete my header. You know, the jagged crayola .gif that's been up there for the last three years.

I know, right? WHAT A SHAME.

Thing is, I was actually quite attached to that crappy little header, so rather than going about the reconstruction sensibly, I had a complete emotional collapse in the kitchen and spent about an hour panicking and forgetting everything I know about HTML, and by the time I'd created a template that looked halfway decent (using WYSIWYG because that's how I roll), it was too late to write about Frank Pritchard "with a bare chest, pink spoon and a dab of yoghurt for no reason".

"Pritchard's Yoghurt Night", by doubleleaf, one of my new favourite fan artists. Visit, admire.

What am I saying, it's never too late for that.

Anyway, I'd like to write more about fan art and fan fiction because they really are things I take great delight in. They're also things that people can be pretty snobby about, and I'd like to take some time to show my appreciation.

In the meantime, I've added a Fan Art board to my Pinterest, which probably says more about me than anything I've ever written on...

Thursday, 6 September 2012

How... Pinteresting

I've resisted Pinterest for a long time because as far as I could because I was thought it was just a place where girls just stuck pictures of pretty stuff. Turns out I was right, but it seems I'd forgotten that I am a girl and I like pretty stuff, so now I have a Pinterest. It is here.

Ricardo Bofill's incredible cement factory conversion, which now adorns my Pinterest.

It's not especially creative on my part, but I quite like having a place to put things I think are beautiful or inspiring, even though it doesn't really serve a purpose beyond amusing me.

If you came here looking for original content about video games, you're actually in luck: Mark Bridle from GodisaGeek is writing a column, "The Story Mechanic", over at the site, and last week he spoke to me about JRPGs for a while. "The Story Mechanic Part Five: Mark and Mark Talk JRPGs" contains a lot of me being a grump-o-saurus but Mark's awfully good-natured about it and asks a lot of insighful questions.