Thursday, 6 September 2012

How... Pinteresting

I've resisted Pinterest for a long time because as far as I could because I was thought it was just a place where girls just stuck pictures of pretty stuff. Turns out I was right, but it seems I'd forgotten that I am a girl and I like pretty stuff, so now I have a Pinterest. It is here.

Ricardo Bofill's incredible cement factory conversion, which now adorns my Pinterest.

It's not especially creative on my part, but I quite like having a place to put things I think are beautiful or inspiring, even though it doesn't really serve a purpose beyond amusing me.

If you came here looking for original content about video games, you're actually in luck: Mark Bridle from GodisaGeek is writing a column, "The Story Mechanic", over at the site, and last week he spoke to me about JRPGs for a while. "The Story Mechanic Part Five: Mark and Mark Talk JRPGs" contains a lot of me being a grump-o-saurus but Mark's awfully good-natured about it and asks a lot of insighful questions. 

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