Sunday, 16 December 2012

Postcards from Spira

It's not been the easiest of weeks over at Well-Rendered Towers. I've been dealing with it by thinking a lot about Final Fantasy. Not playing it, you understand, just reading things people have written about it. Most notably Final Fantasy and Philosophy: The Ultimate Walkthrough, edited by Jason P. Blahuta and Michel S. Beulieu. It's a collection of essays that, as the title suggests, discuss the philosophical questions raised by the games.

During my reading I've realised that there's a lot more to Final Fantasy than even a legendary overthinker such as myself ever really gave it credit for, that I've missed reading academic criticism and that Auron was probably my first video game crush.

Tidus marvels at Auron's pin-up potential.
More Final Fantasy writing to come in the form of the Final Fantasy VII playthrough but in the meantime, here's the incredible Random (Mega Ran) with "AVALANCHE" from his brilliant Black Materia album, in which he remixes the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack and beings the narrative to life with deft, witty rap.