Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Clementine and existential angst.

The Tomb Raider article wasn't the only thing I've written for GodisaGeek recently. Back in February (gosh, February) I wrote another Character Select piece, this one on little Clementine from The Walking Dead.

Clementine. Devastating.

The Walking Dead is probably the most upsetting game I have ever played, which you can probably tell by reading that piece. I'm pretty sure I didn't update Well-Rendered with it earlier because I found it so unpleasant to write. Honestly, I haven't even re-read it since I submitted it to the GodisaGeek editors, I can't even remember if it's any good.

Fun times.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Tomb Raider: The Verdict

Tomb Raider is out! Before I launch into what I thought of it, I suggest you read my latest Character Select, which is about the new Lara Croft. I have now written nine Character Select articles, two of which have been about Lara Croft. Make of that what you will. That article represents a fairly detached view of the new game, in which I look at the cultural and commercial reasons why Lara Croft was transformed from this:

 ...into this...