Sunday, 12 January 2014


We interrupt our regularly scheduled broadcast for the following announcement:

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I have started a tumblr. As a person who uses the internet, I see cool stuff all the time, and while I'm able to write something interesting about some of them, the majority have slipped by undocumented. Until now.

I'm pretty sure tumblr is mostly of interest to other people who have tumblr and are looking for things to put on their tumblr, so if that's you please head to my tumblr.

Well-Rendered's Games of the Generation #7: Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar Games/Rockstar San Diego (2010)

I'll start this post with a massive oversimplification: when it comes to the driving force behind their art, Europe has history, America has geography.

The scale is equal. While Europe has undergone constant power shifts for millennia, America's vast, unconquerable landscape is as much an inspiration and a mystery to today's artists as it was once to the first pioneers. No game has expressed the harsh magnificence of the American landscape quite like Red Dead Redemption, an open-world epic set in the last days of the Old West.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Well-Rendered's Games of the Generation #8: Bayonetta

Bayonetta, SEGA/Platinum Games (2010)

Before the last generation began, I had a lot of time on my hands. Time to cover every inch of my bedroom walls with postage-stamp sized images of my heroes and embellish the spaces between each one with stickers and sequins. Time to hand-stitch song lyrics onto my denim jackets. Time to play fighters.

Learning to play a good fighter is like learning to play a musical instrument. You can muddle along by learning the basics, but to get the most of it you have to retrain your mind and your muscles to execute complex rhythmic commands. Games are unlike other artistic media in that they withhold content from you if you do not devote the time to uncovering it. In an open-world game, this may be a story hidden in diary entries that are hidden around the world. In a fighter, this content is what your character can actually do, and to discover it, you must learn to control them.