Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Final Fantasy VII Playthrough: Part 20 - Diamond Weapon

"Diamond Weapon"? Has Final Fantasy VII gone gangsta?

Before we find out, a recap. Things just keep going from bad to worse. Not only is Sephiroth still on the loose, but Meteor is still hurtling through space towards the planet, and we've just blown up a rocket trying to stop it. Right now we're hanging out on the bridge of the Highwind ingesting about how terrible everything is. In fact, this is exactly how the last few instalments of the play through stated off, and I'm hoping this repetitiveness means you won't notice that I haven't updated it in 4 months.

They delay is partly to do with the fact that my PC started electrocuting me and I had to get my live-in IT guy to re-build it from scratch, but the main reason is that after the last episode of the playthrough I took a short new year's break, and when I returned to Final Fantasy VII I could not remember what I was supposed to do next and why. Modern games don't really have this issue; there's generally some kind of diary or hint system telling you where the next part of the quest is, but Final Fantasy VII is from the 90s, when shit was real.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Lara in my pocket: Tomb Raider on Android review

Tomb Raider on Android is 99p. If you are able to play the game at all it's because you've already spent at least £200 on a phone, so I would only recommend against buying it if you don't have time to play it. 

There are small niggles with the port itself, and I'll get to those, but overall I'm happy to say that this is very much Tomb Raider, just the way you remember it. Archaeologist-adventurer Lara Croft is contracted by the mysterious Jacqueline Natla to find the Scion, a mysterious artefact buried in the long-lost tomb of Qualopec, in Peru. One T-Rex, several wolves and some flirty banter with a cowboy later, and Lara learns that the Scion is just one piece of three, and she's going to have to travel to Greece, Egypt and the lost city of Atlantis to pocket the other bits and find out just what Natla's got planned.