Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Fallen London Exceptional Story: Steeped in Honey

It brings me great joy to announce that I am the author of Steeped in Honey, this month's Exceptional Story for Failbetter GamesFallen LondonBehold, the woman at the story's heart!

To find out who she is, you'll need to plunge into Fallen London, a literary RPG set in a Victorian-Gothic underworld, become an Exceptional Friend, and pick up the story from the Season of Silver card.

In Steeped in Honey, you'll investigate Veilgarden’s most exclusive Honey Den, infiltrate a house of charity, and venture among reprobates at Watchmaker’s Hill. Indulge in a cup of red honey and burrow through the lost memories of the woman with the bee-stung eyes.

Editing and QA: Cash DeCuir, Olivia Wood and Caolain Porter.

Art by Paul Arendt.